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Is there a guide to activating my account?

Last Updated: Feb 03, 2015 03:21PM GMT

Step 1: Activating your membership

  1. You will receive an invitation to join Hailo for Business from your account administrator. →
  2. Download the Hailo app from the App Store or Google Play. If you already have the app, make sure that you have updated to the latest version.

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  1. Create a Hailo account with your company email address.


    If you already have a Hailo account
    , you can update your email address to your company address.

    nb. You will still be able to use the same account for personal rides and these will remain only visible by you.

  1. Once your email address has been updated to your company address, you will receive the activation email.
  2. To activate your membership, just click the Activate Your Membership button.

  1. Tick to accept the terms and conditions.
  2. Click Submit

  1. And you’re done. Congratulations, you can now use Hailo for Business!

    nb. You may need to logout of the Hailo app, and log back in, before using the Company card for payment.

Step 2: Using Hailo for Business

  1. Hail your cab as normal by tapping 'Pick Me Up Here'.
  2. Tap to right of 'Card Account' to select card to charge.

  1. Select 'Company Account' to ensure that H4B account is charged.
  2. Sit back and answer an email while waiting for your driver to arrive.

Step 3: Adding a Reference/Note to your Trip

  1. While you're on board with your driver, tap the 'Add note' icon top left.
  2. You can now add a Reference (Client / project number etc.) and a note to this trip.

OR you can add a Reference/Note after your trip:

  1. Go to 'Account' and tap on 'Trip History'.
  2. Tap 'Business' to pull up business trips.

  1. Select the trip that you want to add a Reference/Note to.
  2. Tap the 'Edit Trip' icon bottom left to add the Reference/Note

Step 4: Receipts

  1. Receipts are automatically emailed to you after your trip and are also copied to an address specified by your company account administrator.
  2. Journeys are charged directly to the company card as specified by your company account administrator.

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