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Why should we choose Hailo for Business?

Last Updated: Oct 28, 2014 05:21PM GMT
Faster. At your desk, in the lobby or our about, you’re only ever two taps away from your next taxi. We have 14,000 black cabs at your fingertips, armed with the knowledge of London’s back streets and the ability to use bus lanes. 

Saves you money. No wasting cash on running meters on pre-booked cabs. No hidden fees, no minimum term and 2.5 minutes free waiting time. Just leave your desk when your cab arrives.  

Easier. No more fiddling with receipts, just jump out of the taxi when you arrive. All fares charged to company credit card and receipts are e-mailed to you. 

Say goodbye to paper receipts. Centralised expense management and e-receipts. Charged to shared card

No more trouble allocating trip costs. Simple trip re-charging 

No Nasty Surprises. Real-time trip info. Downloadable statements

Works when travelling too. Fixed prices for airport trips and seamless experience in 14 cities worldwide
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